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Terminology Empty Terminology

on Thu Sep 28, 2017 8:17 pm
Don't feel obligated to use these terms during the role-play, these are all optional. But I think they're fun, so. X3


Time Terms

The season of spring.

The season of summer.

The season of autumn/fall.

The season of winter.


The point during the day when the sun is highest in the sky; noon.


The time when the moon rises.

When the moon is the highest in the sky; about midnight.


Human Terms

A human.

Two-legger pup
A human child.

Two-legger's den
A human's house.

Two-legger place
A town, city, or village where Two-legger's live.


Distance Terms

About the length of a fox; approximately a yard. (80 cm)

About the length of a grown wolves step, roughly eight inches. (20.3 cm)

About the length of a pup's step; approximately two inches. (5.8 cm)

About the length of a wolves tail; approximately a foot. (30 cm)

About a foot and a half. (45 cm)

About three inches. (7.5 cm)

About the length of a tree; around 50 feet. (1524 cm)


Insults, Exclamations, And Phrases

As easy as catching a hare
A phrase used to indicate easiness of the task.

As much use as a dead fox
A harsh insult, meaning the recipient is useless.

Bees in your brain
An exclamation meaning confusion or a wolf not making sense. (i.e. You've got bees in your brain!)

A scornful insult used for someone who sticks to the rules closely. (Essentially a goody-two-shoes.)

A harsh insult comparing the recipient to rotting prey animals.

(You're) crazier than a fox in a fit!
An insult used when a wolf (or wolves) are acting crazy. Another variation uses "madder" instead of "crazier."

An expression or exclamation used against a wolf who sleeps a lot.

A wolf that dislikes getting wet.

A friendly, yet harsh insult. Severity of the insult is almost always decided by tone.

A harsh insult comparing the recipient to fox feces. Also used as an exclamation. (i.e. That's fox-dung!)

A friendly, yet harsh insult. Severity of the insult is almost always decided by tone.

When hedgehogs fly!
An exclamation style statement that shows disbelief that a certain event will likely occur (i.e. That will happen when hedgehogs fly!). Used in many variations. Somewhat like the human phrase, "When pigs fly!"

How in Silverpelt?
An exclamation used meaning "How in the world?"

I don't give a hare-tail
An exclamation meaning that the wolf does not care.

I'd have shredded you into hare-dust!
To gravely injure, rip to shreds.

In all the stars
An exclamation, similar to "Well, i'll be."

It's better to scare away a hare than to welcome a bear
An old nursery saying that means that it's better to scare away a friendly wolf than welcome a not-so-friendly wolf.

Make dirt
To use the bathroom.

An insult that describes one who is cowardly.

Pain in the tail
An insult meaning a wolf is irritating. Same as "Pain in the a**"

A similar expression to scaredy-cat, referring to a wolf who is easily frightened.

An insult meaning cruel, cold-hearted, or evil.

Sorry catches no prey
Means wolves can be sorry, but that will not change the past.

Foxes don't lose their socks
Means that a wolf doesn't change their nature. Equivalent to "A leopard can't change his spots."

That's a load of coyote droppings
A harsh exclamation saying that something is nonsense.

Thistles and thorns
Used to describe bad luck (As in: Thistles and thorns! I blew it!)

You fight/hunt like a fox!
An expression used to insult or tease a wolf who fights/hunts poorly.

Who made dirt in his/her bed?
A phrase to describe a cranky or suddenly moody wolf.

Would've made hare-meat out of you!
To badly injure, rip to shreds. Similar to "Hare-dust."

Who ruffled their fur?
A similar way of saying "who got under their skin?"

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