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How To Add Pictures To A Post Empty How To Add Pictures To A Post

on Thu Sep 28, 2017 5:24 pm
If you're wanting to add pictures to a post, be it a picture of your wolf for their biography or something, here's how to do it.

You're going to want to save the picture(s) to your device first, then go ahead to https://imgsafe.org/
Once there, you can open up your documents and drag the picture file onto the screen. Then, click the picture and a new page will open up. Scroll down to the bottom of the picture and you will see a white bar with a URL code.
Copy it.
Then go back to your post and click the "Add image" button. It's right next to the "Host and image" button.
How To Add Pictures To A Post D20f615955
Paste the URL that you have just copied. Then, make the width around 600, and the height around 400. It seems to be a good size for this website. Though, you can always make the image bigger or smaller if you so please.
It will then paste the URL onto your post. You can then copy and paste this and adjust where you want it.
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