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Pack And Role-play Rules Empty Pack And Role-play Rules

on Wed Sep 27, 2017 5:49 pm
Being over powered- God-modding and auto-hitting is prohibited. If you wish to start a fight for any particular reason, that is fine, but don't lunge at another wolf and pin them to the ground. Word it in a way that suggests your wolf is going to attack them, that way the other person can decide if you hit them or not. And visa versa, you cannot always dodge hits.

Killing without consent-
If you wish to kill off another wolf (for whatever reason),  do NOT kill them off without first gaining permission from the user.

Disobeying- If you fail to role-play your rank properly,  e.g. you withhold the rank of Omega, yet you continuously and purposely disobey every other wolf and attempt to eat first after a hunt, you will be given two strikes before being banned. Of course, if you want your wolf to be a litlte bit of a rebel and get into trouble every now and then, that's perfectly fine! But don't do it constantly as it can get irritating.

Being unrealistic- I understand that this is just a role-play, and it doesn't have to be 100% dead on perfect, but things like having opalescent eyes and being able to bring down an elk with one bite is just silly. I do have some leeway, though, so don't fret. I'll happily allow things such as red eyes and odd body markings. But just generally being too "out there" is a no-no. Unless, of course, it's for a mini (side) role-play.

Post length and asterisks- When role-playing, it is essential that you use correct grammar (or at least try to). As well as posting a minimum of 5-6 lines and using quotation marks ( " " ) for dialect, rather than asterisks ( * * ) for actions. Apostrophe's ( ' ' ), can also be used for thoughts.

First or second person- First or second person is disallowed, for the simple fact that with third person, you can often add more detail to your posts. Also, if everyone role-plays in third person, it gets less confusing.

Love at first sight- Romance is of course allowed, and even encouraged. I mean, what's a role-play without a little love? But, don't rush into things. You can't form a relationship straight away. You are able to have a crush straight away, but don't be drooling all over each other within the first two role-play days.

No smutty stuff- If you bag yourself a mate, please keep things PG during the role-play. If you wan't to take things further, then take things into PM's.

Number of characters- Each user can have either one or two characters. However, if you choose to have two, they cannot be in the same status of ranks. Meaning you can't have two wolves with high ranks. One can have a high rank, but the other has to either have a mid rank or a low rank,
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