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on Wed Sep 27, 2017 12:55 pm
Spamming- Please do not repeatedly write the same thing, as well as continuously talking OOC (out of character). If you must do this, feel free to PM the person whom you are talking to OOC.

Bullying- Any form of bullying outside of the role-play is not tolerated. If you are found out to be bullying someone, you will be permanently banned.

Advertisement- This is another pretty obvious one. But, please, don't start advertising another role-play here. You will be given two strikes if you attempt to advertise before being banned.

Double posting- Please refrain from double posting. If you missed something off of your previous post, then go ahead and edit it. But do NOT write another two paragraphs in a new post out of impatience. There is no set posting order, so you can post after every other person if you so wish.

Flaming- Hate the OC (Original character), not the person. If your wolf has had a squabble with another in the RP, do NOT take it out on the user. If you wish to sort it out like a civil human being, feel free to message said person and talk it out.
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