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How To Add A Character Empty How To Add A Character

on Wed Sep 27, 2017 2:27 pm
Simply go to the home page by clicking the "Home" button in the top left corner, then navigate to the "Characters, Ranks And More" category.
There, you will find the forum name "Character Templates". You can choose from either of the two. However, the basic template is a necessity. Meaning, everything that is on there MUST be included. So if you choose that one, you cannot delete anything. Only fill it out. But, if you're like me and enjoy detail, go for the detailed template.
Once you have chosen a template and copied it, go back and click the "Characters" forum. There, you can create a new topic, paste the template and fill it out.
Just ensure that you name the topic "(Your wolves name)'s Bio". For instance "Fred's Bio".
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