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on Thu Sep 28, 2017 3:56 pm
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Cougars are very vicious beasts. However, this only tends to be if you provoke them or if there are pups inside of the den. You never tend to see more than one cougar at a time, so it's possible to bring one down if you can catch it. After a few bad hits they tend to flee. Just be sure you're accompanied by another wolf. You can often find a cougar scaling rocky cliffs or resting upon a boulder, but only really during dawn and dusk.

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Grizzly bears are another predator. But, once again, this only tends to be if you provoke them or if there are pups inside of the den. Though, if a bear happens to find a carcass, it WILL fight you over it. And they're not exactly weak creatures. You can usually find a grizzly by the creek or amidst the forest.

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Coyotes aren't really any threat. However, they can be a massive pain in the butt. They are known scavengers, so it's best not to leave any food about near the den site. Though, they do become a threat if there are pups in the den. They will try their best to sneak their way by the pack and snag themselves a snack. They can be found roaming just about everywhere.

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Foxes are basically the same as coyotes. Only, they are a lot more timid and only tend to come out during dawn and dusk.

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Golden eagles aren't any form of threat towards adult wolves, but they definitely are to pups. They will very easily swoop down and grab themselves a pup if they see an opportunity.
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