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on Thu Sep 28, 2017 3:17 pm
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Elk are a great source of food as they are abundant all year round. They are found in herds of six - eight cows and one bull. The cows are fairly easy to take down, but the bulls... not so much. It isn't advisable to try taking down a bull unless you have at least two other wolves accompanying you. The herds can be found in grassy meadows or near running water.

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Mule deer are another great source of food. Perhaps even better than elk. They can be found in herds as large as twenty. However, this does depend on the time of year. The number dwindles during the summer months. Once again, the cows are fairly easy to take down, so one could probably accomplish this themselves. As for the bucks, two wolves could probably manage to take one down. They can be found roaming grassy meadows and on rocky terrain.

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Moose calves are a tricky one. They can only be found in mid- May and early June. Cow moose will easily fight to the death whilst protecting their young. However, a lot of wolves will argue that a moose calf is well worth taking a few hits for. They say that young flesh is the most tender and juicy. Moose and their calves can be found roaming over grassy plains, but generally only during dawn and dusk.

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Hares are a good source of protein, but won't fulfill more than one wolf. They are often caught as a snack or offered to a rival pack as a peace-offering. Males will also sometimes catch a hare and offer it to a female in hopes that it will woo her. Hares can be found all over Willow Creek.
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